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We offer professional commercial services that are extremely well priced.

Our experienced and trained team members can undertake a wide range of commercial services.

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At Treescape we also provide the erection of tree protective erection and installation. This is an imperative service when protecting tree from construction traffic and plant operations.


We can install the tree protection fencing at your chosen site, you will then be able to buy or hire the fencing materials for a specified amount of time.


Where can it be erected?


Tree protection fencing can be put up around protected trees of your choice. The benefit of having the fencing in place can help prevent the tree being damaged accidentally, which is a risk when people are working on a busy site.


Some of the most common types of damage to a tree are the exposure of wood tissue, broken limbs, damage to roots when excavating and chemical spillages.


It is a contractors duty to ensure that, where development work of construction work takes place, measures are put I place to ensure that a protected tree is not damaged as a result of the works taking place.


When is it needed?


We would always advise to use tree protection fencing when work is being carried out near to a protected tree and may result in that tree being damaged.



When else can Tree Protection Fencing Be Used?


Some of our clients also use this service to create a physical barrier around a specified area, creating an effective exclusion zone.


An example would be to create an exclusion zone around an area of Japanese Knotweed, where intrusion of this area could increase the risk of the plant being transported to other areas of the site via human or machinery.


We offer tree protection plans, our aim is to ensure the trees in question are kept safe.


These protection plans highlight the root plate exclusion zones and where you should erect tree protection fencing.



Our expertise and knowledge at Treescape enables us to offer supervision and site monitoring.


We are there to offer the best advice for the site and will offer to monitor the process from beginning to end, whilst keeping you updated throughout.


What is a tree report?

 These are surveys carried out on the tree in question. The report will contain a list of recommended work that needs to be carried out on the tree to ensure the tree is safe and stable.


How much does it cost?

We offer a fixed price for each tree report we carry out. If you need several reports carried out on different trees please let us know beforehand.


The report can be sent via email or post. There will be situations where there is no recommended work to be carried out on the tree. If this is the case we will agree on a time in the future to come back and ensure that the health of the tree is not declining.


What are we looking for?

Our utmost goal is to ensure that the tree is safe, this is important if it is near other buildings or pathways used by pedestrians.


We will be looking for points of failure or anything that is affecting the health of tree or could do in the future, this could be disease or dead limbs.


Changes in the weather can affect the presentation of your commercial sites. This is why we offer the following services to keep your sites looking their best all year round:


  • Grass Cutting

  • Cleaning up of leafs

  • Maintaining awkward areas with strimming

  • Weed spraying

  • Tree surgery



Without the correct equipment hedge maintenance can be awkward and time consuming. We are able to maintain large hedgerows that may be lining fields, roads and development sites.


Treescape can ensure that your grassed areas are maintained, looking neat and tidy all year round. The continual maintenance of your grassed areas also ensures that unwanted wildlife cannot settle in these areas.


Ensuring there is minimum disruption to the site is always at the forefront of our mind. We can remove one or multiple trees. Each tree is dismantled and carefully taken off the site.


We pride ourselves on using the best equipment to ensure that the job is carried out as professionally and efficiently as possible


Stump grinding ensures that you are not left with an inconvenient stump. This process can grind any size tree stump, whilst being considerate on the impact of the ground surrounding it.

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We understand that trees don’t always cause issues just during the working day. That’s why we offer a 24/7 emergency call out service.

Our professional and trained team will assess the work that needs to be carried out to ensure that it is left safe and stable

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